طفايات الحريق

Supplying and packing all types and sizes of fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher:  A metal cylinder filled with water or chemicals used to put out fires. This extinguisher is portable and easy to operate, and is mainly used to put out small fires before the flames spread.

Before starting to know the types of extinguishers, it is necessary to know the types of fires in order to use the appropriate extinguisher for them 

Types of fires:

Firefighting experts divide fires into four categories  ABCD  and E (ABCDK), depending on the ignited material.

A-  Solid material fires: They belong to Class A, and include cloth, paper, wood, and certain types of plastic.

B-B Fires of flammable materials: They belong to category B, and include flammable materials and liquids such as gas, petroleum oils and alcohol.

C-C Fires of electrical materials: It is category C, and includes fires that affect household appliances and electrical transformers.

D-D Heavy Metal Fires: It is Class D of fires, which includes flammable heavy metals such as: manganese, aluminum, titanium and other metals.


K-E Vegetable fires: This is category E of fires, and it includes forest fires, trees, cooking oil, and animal fats.

Most fire extinguishers are marked with the class or classes in which they can be used.


Types of fire extinguishers available :

  • CO2 Extinguisher: It is used with all types of fires, except for metal fires, for which it is not considered suitable.
  • Powder extinguisher: It is used to extinguish most types of fires, and it is the best extinguisher for extinguishing electrical appliance fires.
  • Water extinguisher: It is used to extinguish fires of solid materials, such as wood, paper and cloth fires.
  • Foam extinguisher: It is best for extinguishing flammable liquid fires, such as petroleum liquids and dyes.

How to use a fire extinguisher

  1. Carry the extinguisher by the carrying handle only.
  2. Remove the safety screw on the handle neck.
  3. Direct the extinguishing agent launcher directly towards the flames.
  4. Continue directing the extinguishing agent towards the flames, taking care to avoid lifting the hand from the operating arm until the flames are completely extinguished, or until the fire truck arrives.

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مخارج طوارئ مضيئه

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طفايات الحريق المبتكرة: مابو طفاية حريق اوتوماتيكية ، تقوم بإطفاء الحريق تلقائيا

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