تصميم واعتماد جميع مخططات السلامة

Safety Plans: These are the plans that clarify the safety systems required to be implemented at the customer’s site based on the local and international safety standard.

Designing and adopting safety systems plans: as they became binding on all new commercial projects (factories, commercial buildings, warehouses, commercial markets, residential complexes … etc). Designing safety systems (early warning systems of fire, fire fighting systems of all kinds). – Foaming water, gas, powder … etc -, emergency exit, fire smoke extraction systems, emergency call systems and acoustics … etc) depending on the size of the project and in accordance with the application of the Saudi Fire Code SBC and the American Fire Act NFPA and provides water for safety through Design services for his companies, study safety plans and approve them by the competent authorities in the first year, and the presence of the approved architectural plans to start at this stage مخططات سلامة.

Designing executive plans: Al Mai Safety provides executive plans for projects that need safety systems to ensure business compliance with the requirements and specifications of Saudi SBC and NFPA.

Designing the current status plans: Al May provides safety plans for the current situation on the customer’s site to know that the works comply with the requirements and specifications of the Saudi SBC fire code and the American fire code NFPA as many sites implement the systems in a wrong and random way and know the error rate answers the area survey to design the situation The current who is planning to address it and knowing the percentage of errors in it for adaptation مخططات سلامة.


Civil Defense License   Saudi Civil Defense :  Reputation: Saudi Teacher Defense was established in mid-1343 e to protect the population and

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شهادة سلامة التمديدات الكهربائية

Extensions Safety Certificate Ensuring the safety of electrical installations in your home / facility feels reassuring about your life and the life

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