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The fire alarm device  is a device that emits an audible alarm when a fire occurs, in order to evacuate the area in which the fire broke out, in preparation for extinguishing the fire.

  1. The purpose of the fire alarm and detection systems: – The main purpose of these systems: is to quickly respond to the fire and then convert this early response into an audio and visual signal to alert an individual or group of individuals present in the building, place, relief or firefighting center that there is a fire in its early stages.
  2. Alarm systems: Alarm systems detect and control fire and are divided into two systems:
  • The normal system:  It is the system that relies on a group of detectors connected to each other on a specific area, giving a warning on this area through which the security man moves in this area and discovers the location of the fire.
  • The system is titled:  it is the system that relies on a group of detectors connected to each other in the area that takes the numbers and names of the places in which the detector is located so that when a fire appears on the control panel, the statement of the detector number, the name of the area and the time of the fire appears.

Fire systems control panel:

– It controls the system, feeds it with the necessary efforts, and monitors its work, as the alarm reaches it from the detectors, and it operates the bells, sirens, and indication lamps. A sound and light alarm is given when a fire occurs, specifying the area of ​​its occurrence. It operates on the city’s electric current (220 volts, 50 Hz), and is equipped with spare batteries that work automatically in the event of a power outage. It has a charging device that charges the batteries when the power is restored. Equipped with the possibility of self-test, and it gives a sound alarm signal in the event of a malfunction in the board or in any part of the system components, or in the event of a power outage or disconnection of the batteries. – Equipped with a key to give a general warning to evacuate the site. – Equipped with a set of “Rublehiyat” pickups to stop the air conditioners and disconnect the electric current.


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