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Fire and alarm devices: It is a device that emits an alarm sound (noise) in the event of a fire. This is to evacuate the area where the fire broke out in preparation for extinguishing the fire. The fire detection system works either manually or automatically.
The purpose of fire alarm and detection systems: – The main purpose of these systems is to quickly respond to a fire and then convert this early response into an audio and visual signal to alert an individual or group of individuals in the building, place, fire station or extinguishing that there is a fire in its early stages Fire systems.
Alarm systems: Alarm systems detect and control fire and are divided into two systems:
The normal system:The system that relies on a set of detectors connected to a specific area that is alerted to this area through which the security man moves in this area and finds the location of the fire.
Addressed system: It is the system that relies on the set of detectors connected to each other in the area taking the numbers and names of the places in which the detector is located so that when a fire appears on the control panel, the number of the detector indicator, the name of the area and the time of the fire occurrence.
There are many companies specialized in manufacturing fire and alarm systems, perhaps the most prominent of which are fire systems:


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أكتوبر 23, 2019
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