FM 200 Fire Fighting Systems

Supplying all FM200 gas systems in different sizes accredited UL / Non UL national, Chinese and European industry with full operating systems of electrical and manual panels, discharge hoses, alarms and spray


FM200 gas systems are a suitable factor for naturally occupied spaces. Fire suppression systems are commonly used in:


Data centers

Communication rooms

Communication facilities

UPS rooms

Medical facilities




What is FM200 gas systems?

The FM200 Fire Suppression is also known as HFC227ea is a fire protection system without water, it discharges in danger if within 10 seconds and immediately suppresses the fire.


How Safe is the FM200?

FM200 fire suppression is found as an active compound as a fuel in medical inhalers. This goes without saying that FM200 gas is extremely safe for occupied spaces with the correct fire suppression design.


How does FM200 work?

There is a misconception that FM200 reduces oxygen and this is incorrect! FM200 is an industrial / chemical gas to extinguish the fire and extinguishes the fire by removing free radicals or heat elements from the fire triangle. (Oxygen, heat, and fuel).


Typically the typical focus of the FM200 system ranges from 7.9% to 8.5%. This concentration is determined by protected risks, by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and ISO14520 standards for fire suppression systems.


What are the characteristics and advantages of FM200 fire suppression system?

The main advantage of FM200 fire suppression, is the small amount of agent required to suppress fire. This means fewer cylinders, and thus less wasted space to store the FM200.

The FM200 systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, and combustible, combustible, and fluid flammable liquids stop before causing significant damage. FM200 extinguishes fire quickly, which means less damage, and lower repair costs. Like any other fire suppression system, the FM200 systems are designed with an additional safety margin for people. FM200 refilling is simple and cost effective, and therefore it also means less downtime and downtime for your business.


FM200 is rated as clean agent, which means that it is safe to use in the occupied places. The safety of FM200 fire suppression environments has been proven in over a decade of real-world experience and has been verified by large-scale scientific studies. FM200 systems consume less storage space than most other fire retardants.


In addition to the FM200 fire protection benefits, the environment will also benefit. The FM200 fire retardant does not deplete the stratospheric ozone, and has little impact on the environment in relation to the effect that a catastrophic fire may cause. FM200 Fire Suppression is a solution that already operates in more than 100,000 applications in more than 70 countries around the world.




Mechanism of Action

Fm200 gas is liquefied at a low pressure of about 200 psi from about 12 to 133 bar, so it uses with it pressurized nitrogen gas above Fm200 to raise the cylinder pressure to 25 bar, or sometimes it is in a nitrogen cylinder next to it.

The components of the Fm200 gas extinguishing system are the same as those of the CO2 gas extinguishing system.

In the event of a fire the alarm system will give a signal to the solenoid valve on the cylinder that allows gas to come out to the pipes and then go out to the place through the valves.

There are many weights of Fm200 gas cylinders according to demand, or according to design, so in describing the firefighting item with Fm200, the consultant decides how many kilograms the place needs from the gas and not how much a cylinder is like the Co2 system

Most FM200 extinguishing systems are single-cylinder master, there are cylinders of up to 162 kg

This system is very expensive compared to other systems because the price per kilo of it is expensive – the amount of Fm200 gas is calculated from the formula Minimum Total Fm200 quantity in Kg = place volume in m3 × flooding factor (Kg / m3)

Fm2000 gas at a high concentration may be harmful to people, therefore the design is usually 6 to 7%.

The hydraulic calculations for the system, the diameters and lengths of the pipes, and the design often are with the cylinder manufacturer.

The Fm200 gas cylinder is indicated with a liquid level indicator and there is a cylinder pressure gauge

In the Fm200 system, the intake station unifies a switch used for manual gas release upon sighting the fire by looking at where it plays the role of the sensor that gives a signal to the control panel to operate the solenoid valve.

It is preferable to place the cylinders outside the area in an area not exposed to weathering

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Other helpful information

Gas Fm200 is a trade name but its scientific name, which is found in the symbol, is Heptafluoropane and its chemical symbol (HFC227 EA).

It was discovered in 1980 and it is an environmentally friendly gas and it is an alternative to environmentally friendly halon gas

The code that explains these systems is NFPA 2001.

Fm200 gas is used to extinguish a fire in places where people are permanently present, such as

Control and control rooms



Radiologists in hospitals

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