Fire sprinklers

Automatic water sprinkler system

The automatic water sprinkler system is a water fire fighting system as an extinguishing medium, this water flows from

The spray heads are calculated under pressure and flow to cover the location of the fire, and these heads are distributed close to

Ceiling, and works to cover the entire area underneath with water, and these heads are fed by a network of

The diameters are calculated geometrically, and the system has a water source that provides it with a flow and pressure rate

And sufficient quantity to extinguish the fire according to the severity of the facility.


Spray system components

First: The components of the machine gun used in the system:

The spray head is the port from which water flows directly into the fire zone. The sprinkler head works by affecting the components of the glass bubble. This bubble closes the water hole with a soft copper sealant, and the parts are made of bronze. The tip of the spray head is toothed and protected by a Teflon coating to prevent leakage.


– All materials and components that make the water sprinkler system work a success must be approved for use in the sprinkler system and have the approval of the competent authorities.

– Except for the parts that do not affect the level of the performance of the water sprinkler system, drain valves and the explanatory signals for this system, it may not be approved.


Types of fire sprinklers:

1- pendant sprinkler

* The direction of the sprinkler is to the bottom, as well as the direction of water flowing to the bottom, and is used in the event of a false ceiling

* The pendant sprinkler is installed with all types of risk and all types of structures.


2- up- right sprinkler

The direction of the sprinkler is to the top and the direction of the flow of water in it to the top, and then turns to the bottom and used in the absence of suspended ceilings or in garages where the height of the floor is low.

* The up-right sprinkler is installed with all types of risk and all types of structures.


3-side wall sprinkler

* It is placed in places where it is difficult to use the previous two types, and it is affixed to the wall and the direction of water flow is horizontally.

3-Fast – response sprinkler

* The rapid response machine is characterized by its ability to determine the speed of fire and the speed of extinguishing and is used in places that when ignited produces toxic gases more harmful to humans than flame. The speed of response to detect fire in this type helps to save human lives.


4-semi recessed sprinkler


* This sprinkler is used to give a decorative look .. It is visible only on the top of the sprinkler, but the screws and other parts are hidden inside the false ceiling.


5- recessed sprinkler

* It is a sprinkler that is completely hidden inside the false ceiling. Only the cover that covers the sprinkler appears. When the fire falls, the cap falls off and the water descends from the opening to the bottom … This type is characterized by a beautiful decorative problem.

6-open sprinkler

* It is a sprinkler that does not contain a temperature sensor and is always open so that if the water passes through the tubes connected to it it goes directly down through the sprinkler hatch so these sprinklers work manually or via a quick opening valve




Sprayers components


You should know the shape and components of the sprinklers in terms of the sense of heat. There are two types:

1- Glass type

It contains a bottle, this bottle works to block the path of water and prevent it from flowing. This bottle contains gas inside it when the fire occurs, the gas expands, which leads to the break of the bottle, the water rushes and flows, and works to extinguish the fire, and there is a dish that makes the water descend in the form of a cone or canopy until it is covered A large area.


2- Fusible link type machine gun

It is a connection and this connection contains a welding point of a certain type. This substance fuses at a certain temperature, which causes the water to come out and flow.

The sprinklers of the two types fuse at a temperature of 63 m, but in the kitchens a sprinkler is used that melts at a temperature of 113 m.


Welding is a small point when exposed to the welding point of the soil, so that it does not absorb fusion quickly, and therefore needs cleaning. To prevent the installation of any sprinkler in a place that is not suitable for him as a sprinkler for kitchens in the roads, when the fire occurs, he will not feel it, as well as installing a sprinkler of roads and rooms in the kitchens. Each machine gun has the temperature at which it melts.


Very important note:

The alarm system for electricity only strikes an alarm, but it has nothing to do with the sprinkler system. It strikes an automatic unit, the water descends from the pipe, and thus the pressure in it decreases – so the heat is calculated by the fire and rises. In cold places, the pipes do not have water until they are not frozen – rather, the water in the tank is hot heater – and when the fire occurs, the bottle breaks and opens the way for water, and here is the alarm system with the alarm hitting, it has sent a signal to the pump to operate.

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